Unleashed in shocking tell-all interview –  ripping ex-lover Allen and more!


In a new interview in glam mag Vanity Fair, Mia Farrow and her children unleashed the unbridled hate they still harbor toward their ex-step dad Allen — who married Mia’s adoptive daughter, Soon Yi Previn,  as soon as Mia & Woody split up!

The glam mag also investigates the allegations that Allen not only abused step-daughter Dylan but continued to further their relationship after Mia’s contentious break-up from the director.

No case was ever brought against Allen who said that the case was dropped because “there is no chance they could possibly win.”

After a harrowing incident Dylan, who has since changed her name, and has had severe memory trauma says Allen contacted her twice by mail. Allen’s lawyer vigorously denies any such abuse.

But more shockingly, Mia calls ex-hubby Frank Sinatra – the great love of her life an she confesses to still bedding Old Blue Eyes even while married to Allen. “We never really split up,” Mia admitted.

And her son Ronan Farrow may be the actual son of Frank Sinatra, not Allen’s — although no DNA tests have been performed. Nancy Sinatra, Frank’s boot-walking daughter, told VF, the Sinatra clan considers Ronan one of “the family”.

Not surprisingly Mamma Mia’s son, Fletcher Previn, is a computer whiz and has been busy photoshopping Woody Allen out of all family photos and digitally altering videos.

“We can look at them and be reminded of the good and not be reminded of the bad,” Fletcher told the mag.

Even Mia’s ex-hubby gets in on the bashing.  Music kingpin Andre Previn who was married to Mia told Vanity Fair that as far as of he and Mia’s adopted daughter, Soon Yi Previn Allen  “She does NOT exist”.

In recent years, Mia, the star of “Rosemary’s Baby” has been fighting the “good fight” for UNICEF. And for those not in the know, Mia is the daughter of director John Farrow and film star Maureen O’Sullivan — Jane to Johnny Weismuller’s Tarzan.