Model Who Sold Virginity For Millions Aims To Be Model In America

Mahbuba Mammadzada ‘has a great shot at cashing in on her fame!’

Model Who Sold Virginity For Millions Aims To Be Crowned America’s Next Top Model
Courtesy Mahbuba Mammadzada/Youtube

A model who auctioned off her virginity for more than $2 million is on a mission to launch a modeling career in America — and sources told NationalEnquirer.com she also has a shot at transforming herself into a TV host or reality star!

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, sold herself earlier this year to a millionaire Tokyo politician partly so she could buy a house for her mom in her native Azerbaijan, according to The Mirror.

She said after the deal was signed she also wanted her unnamed one-time lover to become her sugar-daddy for the price of $35,000 per month.

Now, Mammadzada has also has her sights set on using her sudden infamy to become one of America’s next top models so she can make her mom “proud.”

“I want to live in the USA and continue my modeling career there with one of the top modeling agencies,” Mammadzada revealed.

“I love dogs, and I dream to open a shelter for dogs in my country, she continued. “My mom did everything for me til now, and now it’s my turn, to make her proud of me.”

“Mahbuba actually has a great shot at cashing in on her fame in the modeling world,” said a source. “She has the looks and didn’t really need to sell her virginity to become a model, as she was already one of Azerbaijan’s leading pin-ups before making the deal. But now she has thrown celebrity status in the mix, she has a shot, and could probably end up doing TV work as well as modeling.”

Wild-haired Mammadzada attracted a string of massive money offers when she first offered her virginity online after obtaining a medical certificate proving her “purity.”

Her virginity was sold through Germany’s Cinderella Escorts site — leading to Mammadzada attracting a bid from a German footballer and lawyer from London.

Other offers she dismissed included one from a “submissive man” who wanted to carry out “fetishes” on her feet, as well as a bid from a Miami-based basketball player.

Mammadzada — who goes by the name Maria — described her eventual acceptance of an offer from a Tokyo politician as a “dream come true.” She added: “I feel great. Even though I am already very successful with modeling, earning so much money in such a short time is a dream come true.”

Mammadzada only saw a picture of the politician who bought her virginity before agreeing. After the deal was signed, she said, “We haven’t spoken. But the agency told me he thinks I’m hot. I just think being the first one is special for a man. And since I’m an international model, I’m sure he sees me as a status symbol. I can deal with it.”

She claimed women selling first-time sex is now a “worldwide trend” and growth market.

“Many girls regret losing their virginity to a man who left them at some point instead of getting something long-term,” she said. “I think you as a woman should take advantage of the fact that men take so much value out of virginity and only forgive it for a wedding or a lot of money and not for a one night.”

Cinderella Escorts described Mammadzada as “one of its most successful models.” Only one other virgin on its books has gotten a higher offer — Lara from Italy, who has a $2.5 million offer for her virginity.