Madonna’s Vergin’ on the Ridiculous!

Like a Virgin legend Madonna refuses to act her age! The limelight-loving 63-year-old is planning to shoot an updated version of her raw photo book “Sex” — 30 years after she bared all in her last one!
Sources say the has-been hussy recently met with a slew of photogs about rebooting her X-rated 1992 coffee-table tome featuring her in kinky nudie pix — including an image where she’s on all fours, wearing only black gloves and a bunny tail, right next to a dog!
“Anyone who thinks Madonna should disappear because she’s over 60 doesn’t know Madonna,” a source tells Straight Shuter. “She doesn’t plan on sitting down and shutting up. She wants to be more outrageous than ever!”
Madonna’s manic plot arrives as fans are still trying to come to grips with the singer’s recent freaky social media posts where her face looks peculiar and disfigured. But critics who cry the Material Girl needs to get a grip ain’t gonna win. They’re about to see a LOT more of the sassy star!

“If you thought it was shocking to see Madonna naked in her 30s, get ready to see her naked in her 60s!” warns a source.