Guy And Rocco Go To War Against Madonna

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Like father, like son: Madonna’s son Rocco has shut down his Instagram and closed ranks with his father, director Guy Ritchie, who is trying to wrest custody of the 15-year-old from his superstar mom, whom the teen feels is “too controlling.”

Rocco closed his Instagram account yesterday, just days after individually blocking his mother.

The teen left Madonna’s tour over a month ago to move in with his dad in London, and adamantly refuses to return to his mother in New York City — and life with her on the road. Rocco seems to prefer the more quiet, stable environment of London.

The next environment in which the estranged parents are scheduled to meet is a New York courtroom for a hearing on Feb. 3.

And “stable” seems the last word that would describe the relationship between Madonna, 57, and Guy, 47, who settled a very contentious divorce in 2008 and have been squabbling over custody ever since.

Madonna got a judge to order Rocco to return the States on Dec. 23, but the youth failed to make the trip, instead spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve with his father — director of action films such as “Sherlock Holmes” — in England.

“Holiday” singer Madonna, meanwhile, spent Christmas posting photos to Instagram of her other three kids – Lourdes, 19, David, 10, and Mercy, 9. She also posted a “throwback” image with Rocco — one of several pics that reportedly embarrassed the teen and led to her blocking.

According to insiders, Madonna believes Rocco “should have been home already.”