Madonna Freaks Fans With Disfigured Face!


When a puffy-lipped, slit-eyed, alien-looking Madonna unveiled an oddly manipulated new mug in a startling TikTok video on Grammy night, the image ignited a social media storm over what new material the nearly unrecognizable Material Girl’s face is made of!

“I’ve loved Madonna since I was little, but this is a hard pass. What has she done to herself?” one shocked follower wondered.

The 63-year-old, bizarrely braless singer showcased Pippi Longstocking pigtails, a surfboard-smooth forehead, bloated cheeks and blotchy fish lips that left the “Bitch I’m Madonna” singer looking like plastic surgery poster girl Jocelyn Wildenstein!

Cosmetic surgeons consulted by The National ENQUIRER, who have not treated Madonna, believe the aging ’80s pop star has taken radical steps to alter her appearance.

“She has had a forehead lift that pulled back her eyebrows, a mini facelift, and removed the buccal fat pad to narrow her lower cheek,” says New York’s Dr. Yoel Shahar.

“She also has MUCH fuller cheeks — and a midface lift with likely fat transfer and implants,” adds Chicago’s Dr. Otto Placik. “The result is a cartoon-like version of her former self. It’s more modification than rejuvenation.”