Mad Mel Gibson Dumped By Lover Over Violent Mood Swings

Mel gibson short

Hot-tempered Mel Gibson is reeling after being dumped by his much younger lover just weeks before he turns 60!

Gorgeous aspiring screenwriter Rosalind Ross, 24, has moved out of the “Mad Max” star’s Down Under home, sources said, but he’s begging for another chance.

“Mel can’t stand being alone,” dished an insider. “He’s been pleading with Rosey to come back. He was hoping that they’d have a kid together, maybe even get married!”

The romance turned tense as Rosalind, a former star equestrian, struggled to cope with Mel’s mood swings, sources divulged.

“Rosalind flew home to America for a while because she needed a break from Mel,” said the spy. “He can be the sweetest guy on earth one minute, then he just loses it.

“Mel’s also very controlling. He expects Rosey to be at his beck and call. But Rosey’s a free spirit and that’s not her style.”

They hit a rocky patch after Mel went ballistic with a photographer in Sydney Aug. 23, sources said. “That was a game-changer for Rosey,” said the insider. “It was the first time she’d really seen Mel explode at a total stranger.

“It scared her because she’d been warned about his anger issues, but she was hoping that he was over them.”

Though Mel’s rep denies the couple has split, family and friends fear that Rosalind could meet the same fate as Mel’s ex, Russian singer and baby mama Oksana Grigorieva, who was left bruised and battered in 2010.

Mel, who turns 60 on Jan. 3, gave Rosalind a job on his movie “Hacksaw Ridge,” now filming in Australia.

“Rosey still turns up for work most days,” added the source. “Her view is that just because she moved out of Mel’s home, that’s no reason for her to quit her job.”