Low-Energy Jon Stewart Snoozing at The Wheel!

Former Late-night Host Jon Stewart Talks about Health-care Program for 9/11 First Responders, Washington, USA - 25 Feb 2019

Jokester Jon Stewart’s own writing team is blasting the TV wisecracker as LAZY!

A staff writer at his new show, The Problem with Jon Stewart, says the biggest problem with Jon Stewart is his measly output — they’ve only filmed a handful of shows since production for Apple TV+ began in 2021!

“We’ve put out a total of eight episodes and I want you to know that is not a lot,” squeals the writer. “It’s weekly now — but it was bi-weekly, which can mean anything.”

The mole says the 
59-year-old The Daily Show alum is an “incomparable comedic icon” whose work is “inherently political because he likes to point out hypocrisy and absurdity many Americans just accept.” But the snitch wishes Jon had more get-up-and-go!

Stewart’s decision to focus on just one topic per episode is also causing more discontent behind the scenes, confides the insider.

“To be honest, it’s because he told everyone he ‘gets tired very fast’ and he just wanted to do one thing!”

The staffer also hints the show faces an uncertain future — even though it’s become the streaming service’s most viewed unscripted series and original plans called for multiple seasons.