Funnyman LOU COSTELLO of “Abbott & Costello” signed an unknown DEAN MARTIN to a personal contract, paying for his nose job, but Dino dumped him for JERRY LEWIS!

Dino Paul Croscetti,  Dean Martin’s real name – was singing solo during World War 2 when Lou Costello, on the hunt for fresh young talent, discovered him in a second-rate night club.

The wiley Costello who introduced The Andrews Sisters hit “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” to the world in the first A&C film “Buck Privates”, quickly signed Martin to a personal contract.

Not quite the idiot child he played onscreen Costello was a shrewd businessman and he saw that with a nose job, Dino would have the looks of a matinee idol and paid for his novice’s rhinoplasty.

During the 1940s Abbott and Costello were the unparalleled kings of all media- stage, radio, film but it was particularly galling to Lou when Martin teamed with another “idiot-child” comedian crewcut cutup Lewis.

Abbott & Costello movies which were the biggest money makers of the 1940s were promptly eclipsed by the post-war success of Martin & Lewis comedies of the 1950s where Dino played a boozy "Abbott" to Jerry’s hyper-kid "Costello".

That is until Martin & Lewis went pffft…….