TROUBLED FORMER TEEN heartthrob Corey Haim was rushed to the hospital after a drug overdose.

The 29-year-old “Lost Boys” star, who has a history of drug abuse, was found unconscious in his Los Angeles bungalow on August 10 by his mother Judy, who immediately called an ambulance.

“He’d obviously overdosed again and was in really bad shape — pale and unresponsive,” a family friend confides. “He looked like he was already dead by the time the ambulance got there.

“The paramedics rushed Corey to UCLA Medical Center, where the staff was able to stabilize him. But a few hours later, he slipped into a coma and was like that for most of the night.

“Thank God, by morning he was slowly coming out of it.”

Less than two weeks earlier, Haim landed in nearby Sherman Oaks Hospital “looking like a wild man, like he hadn’t slept or showered in days,” says a shocked eyewitness.

His mother admits these aren’t the only incidents in her son’s ongoing battle with drugs.

Corey Haim filed for bankruptcy in 1997.

“Corey has had other episodes of drugs,” Judy tells The ENQUIRER.

Sadly, Haim may not even be able to pay the hospital bill — because he has no medical insurance!

“Judy was told that Corey would probably have to leave the facility sooner than he should because he has no means to pay the hospital bill,” says the family friend. “But she’s vowed to continue the fight to get her son off drugs for good.”