Lorna Luft And Liza Minnelli Blow Up!

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Judy Garland’s daughter Lorna Luft’s battle with breast cancer has reignited a bitter feud with her half-sister Liza Minnelli, sources told The National ENQUIRER.

The two have been battling off and on since 1994, and the famed “Cabaret” star was MIA when Lorna recently underwent major cancer surgery, according to sources.

“They are the most dysfunctional family in Hollywood,” said an insider. “Lorna is fit to be tied that Liza’s gone missing just when she needs her the most.”

Lorna, 62, was first diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2012. She had a lumpectomy and six rounds of chemotherapy. At the time, Liza performed at a cancer fundraiser with Lorna, despite a fall that broke her wrist a day earlier.

Sadly, as The ENQUIRER reported in April, Lorna’s cancer returned. She got the news while touring the United Kingdom in a musical tribute to her legendary mother, “Judy – The Songbook of Judy Garland.”

Sources revealed she rushed home after being “advised by her medical team that she required further treatment and extensive surgery.”

On Aug. 5 Lorna updated her status on her Facebook page. “I want to share with you that I have undergone mastectomy surgery and I am recovering well surrounded by family, friends and an outstanding team of doctors and nurses,” she wrote.

But Liza, 69, wasn’t among those supporting her recovery, according to the insider.

“Lorna basically went from her tour right to the hospital for major surgery, and never heard a peep from Liza,” the insider added. “Now it looks like their feud is back on, if it was ever really over.”

Their estrangement began in 1994 when Lorna took a tough-love stance over Liza’s substance abuse problems.

“That’s the way it goes with Liza and Lorna,” said the source. “One day they’re all lovey-dovey, and the next it’s World War III!”