Castrating Wife Lorena Bobbitt: ‘Ex-Husband Won’t Cut Off Communication!’


Lorena Bobbitt used a kitchen knife to cut off her husband’s penis way back in 1993 — but he’s still ready to patch things up!

That’s her shocking claim as Lorena returns to the spotlight to promote her Lorena’s Red Wagon charity.

Now remarried to David Bellinger in Virgina — and with a 10-year-old daughter — Lorena says that her ex-husband John has tried to stay in touch since she divorced him over alleged charges of abuse — after she was acquitted for castrating her husband while pleading temporary insanity.

She said that John has since “tried” to contact her, but she “always deleted his number.”

Lorena added: “I have a new life now, and I just want to focus on what is positive, and I surrounded myself with positive people.”

John went on to a short-lived porn career after his penis was reattached surgically. Authorities recovered John’s missing part on the side of a road.

A fleeing Lorena had thrown it out of the window of a speeding car.

He also worked as a chauffeur for Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch — the same brothel where The ENQUIRER caught Lamar Odom recently suffering a stroke during an illicit drug binge.

Lorena, meanwhile, said her current husband is happy to ignore her brief infamy, and “never brings it up.”

We bet he thinks about it after an argument, though!