Burt Reynolds (L) testifies on the stand in Los Angeles 05 December at the start of the divorce trial between Reynolds and US actress Lonnie Anderson. The couple's divorce became final in June 1994 and they are in court battling over child support issues. Reynolds testified he is having cash flow problems.

Despite divorcing over 20 years ago LONI ANDERSON is calling out ex-hubby BURT REYNOLDS demanding a quarter of a mill, she claims he still owes her!

Burt & Loni split way back in 1993 after 5 years of contentious nups with the divorce being finalized in June 1994. 

When the tabloid darlings finally called it quits as part of the divorce settlement, Burt agreed to pay Loni $234,794.13 for child support.

Now, the former "WKRP" star, Loni, claims that Burt paid part of the pay-out but still owed her $97K.

Burt didn't as he filed for bankruptcy during the late 1990s. Struggling with money and health issues, Burt ignored the debt

 Fuming, Loni returned to court, demanding the rest of the Burt bucks. Two months ago, the judge ordered Burt to pay up once and for all.

With interest, the tab is now a whopping $154,520.98.