Lonely Bob Barker’s $70 Million Gift

Bob Barker

Game show legend BOB BARKER, forlorn and forgotten at 91, is determined the animals he loves will split his $70 million fortune!

“The Price Is Right” host is “painfully alone at a time when his spirits could use a lift,” said a friend. “He had an amazing career, and has done so much good work as an animal rights activist, but his retirement hasn’t been as fulfilling as he’d hoped.

“He’s invited to events hosted by animal rights groups, but hardly anyone checks in with him regularly.

“Bob has complained: ‘I’m alone, and I feel like that every day.’”

After hosting game show “Truth or Consequences,” Bob served a record-breaking 35-year run on “Price Is Right.” He was ousted in 2007 and replaced by Drew Carey in a reported move to attract a younger audience.

A sexual harassment controversy, initiated by “Price Is Right” model Dian Parkinson filing a lawsuit following a three-year affair, also damaged his reputation.

“Bob feels like he was put out to pasture by Hollywood,” said the source. “He says people in Hollywood have long memories, and the sexual harassment charges unfairly clung to him.”

He’s long battled back problems, suffered two strokes and grappled with skin cancer and failing eyesight. His wife of 36 years, Dorothy Jo, died in 1981, and the couple had no children.

Bob’s now dead-set on dying broke, said sources, by giving away his vast fortune to animal groups.

He’s already donated $5 million to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and $2.5 million to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Last year he shelled out $700,000 to move three aging elephants from a Toronto zoo to a wildlife preserve in California.

The friend said: “Bob doesn’t have many joys left in life, but one is seeing his money used for good while he’s still alive.”