Liza Minnelli’s Daughterly Duty

Liza minella sq

LIZA MINNELLI'S is feeling young enough to play a middle-aged Judy Garland!

“I want to tell the true story of my mother’s life,” the daughter of the showbiz legend told a friend, “and maybe put some of my own demons to rest!”

Liza, 69, is pitching a biopic in which she’d take on the role of her mom later in life – and she wants Zooey Deschanel to play Judy during her younger years!

The “Cabaret” star is on her own comeback trail, with Liza booking live concerts after a recent return to rehab.

“There are things about my mother that the public still wants to know,” Liza said to her inner circle. “She was a caring and wonderful woman who was a smart business lady. The story needs to be told – and I’m the one to tell it!”