UPDATE: Liz Taylor has cheated death once again!

Elizabeth Taylor was put on life support after a bout of pneumonia led to congestive heart failure, The NATIONAL ENQUIRER reports exclusively in this week’s print edition..

The 76-year-old star’s children kept a 48-hour vigil at her hospital bedside as she teetered on the brink of death, drifting in and out of con­sciousness and struggling to breathe, a close family friend revealed.

“The doctors thought they were going to lose her,” a friend told The ENQUIRER.

“Her fever spiked. Her lungs began filling up with fluid again, and she went into congestive heart failure,” the friend revealed.

She was rushed to intensive care. By midday, she was put on a respirator, according to the friend.

“She’s still very sick, but she’s past the crisis and breathing on her own

 But now, Liz has made a miraculous recovery!  

The ENQUIRER’s print edition has all the details of Liz’s life-or-death battle and now has learned that she is expected to come home this weekend after her miraculous recovery.

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