Lisa Marie Helps Tom Cruise Flee Scientology!

Lisa Marie Presley, Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is leaning on Scientology’s highest-profile defector – Lisa Marie Presley – in his quest to quit the cult-like church, The National ENQUIRER has learned in a bombshell world exclusive.

Sources said Lisa, a mother of four, desperately wants Tom, 53, to reunite with 9-year-old daughter Suri, and she’s prepared to spill explosive secrets about the controversial religion if it tries to blackmail him into staying!

“Tom Cruise made the decision to leave Scientology for Suri. He hasn’t seen her regularly since the church labeled both Suri and her mom, his ex-wife Katie Holmes, as ‘Suppressive Persons,’” disclosed a source.

According to church doctrine, members who want to remain in good standing must sever all ties with people who are “declared” a “Suppressive Person,” or “SP,” even if it means splitting up families.

But an insider added: “Tom’s had it! While he and Katie may never see eye-to-eye, he desperately wants to reunite with his daughter. He feels he’s losing key years of Suri’s life. So he’s about to turn his back on Scientology.”

The ENQUIRER learned in May 2012 that Lisa Marie, 47, had released explosive new music hinting at a split with the church.

Then the next month, we reported that sources said Lisa Marie was “cutting ties” with the church, and she was “devastated” by the betrayal of people close to her.

In an interview, the daughter of Elvis Presley revealed: “I was slowly starting to self-destruct, and I didn’t know where that was coming from. I got bad advice. I was insulated with no grip on reality. They were taking my soul, my money, my everything.”

In Feb. 2014, she further divulged: “I was surrounded by people who were not well-intended. Basically, it was a big sinister situation, where there was like, kind of intel and covert ops going on, and a whole effort to control me that I didn’t know about. I uncovered it, and it was mind-blowing.”

While the church has previously denied audiotaping or videotaping members without their consent, former high-ranking Scientologists have said the church compiled “dirt files” on top celebrity members, including Lisa Marie.

According to a source, a “dirt file” on Lisa Marie “was ordered by Scientology leader David Miscavige in 1995 when she was married to Michael Jackson.

“The church had a lot of dirt on Michael and young boys, and they were prepared to use that information on Lisa Marie. Likewise, they had dirt on her dad, Elvis.”

Margery Wakefield, a former high-ranking Scientologist who has written three explosive books about the religion, confirmed the buzz about the “Mission: Impossible” hero.

She told The ENQUIRER: “I know Scientology will throw everything it has at Tom. But if anyone can help Tom leave the church, it would be Lisa Marie!

“Nobody thought that she’d ever be able to leave the cult! She’s Elvis Presley’s daughter, she’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they did everything they could to keep her in. But she broke free.

“I know it will be a ‘mission impossible’ for Tom to leave, but Lisa Marie is trying to give him hope and inspiration.”

Despite Lisa Marie’s support, Tom faces huge challenges because “in Scientology auditing, or counseling, he’s divulged all of his secrets, especially about his sex life,” Margery said.

“To make matters worse, his auditing sessions were often audiotaped or videotaped, or both. Scientology and David Miscavige would not hesitate to blackmail Tom with those secrets.”

Shockingly, Scientology bigwigs have already used blackmail to keep members from leaving, she said.

Margery explained: “I know this because one of my jobs in Scientology was to go through files of possible defectors, and mark in red anything involving their sexuality or financial crimes, and to tag the information.

“When I did this, I knew it was for the purpose of blackmail.”

But she added: “I do hope Tom gets out of Scientology for his sake, but it will not be easy.

“However, if anyone can help him, it’s Lisa Marie Presley!”