Lisa Marie Presley a No-show at Brother’s Wedding


The simmering feud between Elvis Presley’s only child and her mother, Priscilla, boiled over again when Lisa Marie was iced out of half-brother Navarone Garcia’s recent wedding, sources snitch.

As Navarone, 34, tied the knot with Elisa Achilli, 22,  last month in Switzerland, proud mom Priscilla, 76, was on hand. But dad Marco Garibaldi — who the Naked Gun beauty kicked to the curb in 2006 — and his troubled half-sister were nowhere to be found!

“Lisa Marie was snubbed, but she didn’t care,” dishes an insider. “She wouldn’t have gone even if she’d been invited. She and Navarone hate each other now — they have for a while.”

Tipsters tell The National ENQUIRER Navarone blames recovering drug addict Lisa Marie, 54, for permanently fracturing his family after she recruited Marco to testify in her lawsuit against business manager Barry Siegel.

She’d accused Siegel of squandering her $100 million inheritance and the case was eventually settled out of court.

But Marco accused his ex Priscilla of conspiring against her daughter in a bombshell filing!

“Navarone has never forgiven or forgotten what Lisa Marie and his father did,” spills the insider. “He’d even changed his last name to Garcia.”

The sometime musician also launched very public attacks on 
Lisa Marie in 2017, posting she was a “f***ing c**t” — before wishing she was dead 
in a now-deleted comment.

Priscilla is also rumored to have briefly taken sides with her daughter’s ex-husband Michael Lockwood during the couple’s 
bitter divorce!

Although Elvis’ kid wasn’t at Navarone’s nuptials, Jerry Schilling, The King’s old friend and member of his so-called “Memphis Mafia,” officiated the wedding via Zoom.

The source also confides, “Priscilla’s sister, Michelle, and longtime assistant were there, too, but the absence of Lisa Marie and Marco cast a pall over the otherwise joyous occasion.”