Lindsay Lohan’s Secret Shame


LINDSAY LOHAN may be a Hollywood beauty – but her feet don’t smell so pretty!

Sources say that recently rehabbed LiLo has come down with an acute case of athlete’s foot, an itchy, scaly fungal infection that can lead to knock-you-over odor. Surprisingly, pals of the actress say the stench is nothing new – the actress’ tootsies have been causing trouble for years!

The 27-year-old “Mean Girls” star, whose eight-part documentary series on Oprah Winfrey’s network premiered March 9, has admitted that her feet are the part of her body she hates most.

“Lilo’s horrified by her athlete’s foot,” revealed a friend. “She has no idea where she caught it because she’s always so careful in communal bathrooms and spas. But she’s suffered smelly feet ever since she was a teenager, and it’s been a hugely embarrassing cross to bear.

“Last year, she refused to dine at a traditional Japanese restaurant in New York because she had to take her shoes off.”

And in 2010, the star was photographed leaving a friend’s house in L.A. with a cloud of powder billowing out of her shoes.

“It’s a recurring issue for her, but after that incident she doesn’t use so much foot powder anymore,” said another source. “LiLo’s big enough to joke about it, though.

“Last month, she almost killed a private house party after taking off her shoes. She quickly put them back on, saying, ‘Oh, did I put my foot in it again?’”

Stinky feet aside, Lindsay is reportedly still clean since her last stint in rehab. She plans to produce and star in an upcoming film, “Inconceivable,” about which her father, Michael, recently said: “She’s cut the bad friends out of her life and is taking this seriously.”