LiLo obsessed with the occult and wants to be a white witch – sources. 

Lindsay Lohan has become obsessed with the occult – and the 28-year-old actress wants to be consecrated by a coven as a white witch, sources said.

“She loves the idea of taking control of her destiny and wants to be able to do spells, make potions and read tarot and angel cards,” said an insider.

“She thinks it will help her generate more positivity and power in her life.”

LiLo famously punched a psychic in the face in 2012, but friends said the actress is a huge fan of white witches, and had one “cast a spell” to ensure she’d get the role when auditioning for a London production of the play “Speed-the-Plow.”

“It worked, and now LiLo’s obsessed,” said the pal.

“She’s on a roll right now and wants to keep the momentum going. She thinks having these wacky talents will help.”