LATEST! No more pix penthouse parties for LINDSAY LOHAN, says judge.

The house party is finito while LiLo’s under house arrest.

Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner chided the "Machete" starlet for having  parties while on house arrest for a probation violation.

She ruled the tawny thesp hadn't violated any other rules.

"If you are guilty of some violation of your probation, I don't see it," Sautner said.

 "What you are guilty of is extremely poor judgment."

Judge Sauitner said Lohan didn't violate her probation by testing positive for alcohol during a recent test.

The testing requirement, imposed by another judge, had ended in February.


EARKIER TODAY: LINDSAY LOHAN is back to face the music (AGAIN) after flunking an alcohol test while under house arrest.

The NY Daily News reports the saucy starlet is being brought before Judge Stephanie Sautner for a SURPRISE probie violation hearing.

While bunkered down at her posh penthouse pad for misdemeanor theft of a diamond necklace, LA Lohan purportedly flunked one of two booze tests – not long after presiding over a rooftop shindig.

According to reports, LiLo’s probie officials want the judge to toss Lohan back in the slammer for ignoring the terms of her probation stemming from two back-to-back DUIs in 2007

Just prior to the4se latest developments in the ongoing Lohan crisis, The Machete beauty cancelled a last minute interview with Matt Lauer after he flew cross country for a sit-down with the hardly-working thesp.

Lohan was allegedly caught off guard when Lauer arrived around 4 p.m. to get rolling on a senses-shattering chat for NBC "Dateline."