The Beverly Hills jewelry store that  accused LINDSAY LOHAN of theft sold the video surveillance tape for more than $35,000 and THAT may get LiLo off the hook with authorities. reported that Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance tape that is the key piece of evidence in the felony grand theft case against Lindsay was sold to media outlets in excess of $35,000.

Both the prosecution and the defense are extremely unhappy that the jewelry store sold the tape, a source said. "Neither side wanted it released. Neither side sanctioned this sale."

Kamofie & Co. sold the tape to multiple outlets, getting various amounts for different rights. One sale was to a media broker who then shopped it.

"The jewelry store wanted a bidding war to maximize profits.

"They chopped up the sale to different outlets to make as much money as possible," the source divulged.

Lindsay is accused of stealing a necklace worth $2,500 from the store.

With the sale of potentially incriminating evidence made available. Prosecution fears that their case is now tainted and police sources say that a plea deal may very well be struck – without Lohan serving any jail time.

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