Life’s no Cabaret for Laid-up Liza Minnelli!

Liza Minelli
Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock

Ailing Liza Minnelli’s increasingly frail appear­ance has heartbroken loved ones fearing the Oscar-winning Cabaret icon won’t live to see the end of 2022, tipsters confide.

“She can’t speak very well or walk and needs the assistance of a wheelchair to get around,” spills an insider.

The once-dynamic dancer-singer-actress, 76, has weathered decades of health problems, including a slew of broken bones, and addiction battles.

“She’s been so brave and lived through so much, but it’s all catching up with her now,” the source says.

Liza’s been to rehab five times since 1992 to kick drugs and prescription pills. The recovering boozer’s also endured two hip replacements, a knee replacement and had to relearn how to walk and talk after being stricken with viral encephalitis — a dangerous brain inflamma­tion — in 2000!

Most recently, the late Judy Garland’s first-born made a startling appearance at the March 27 Academy Awards with Lady Gaga. Struggling Liza flubbed her presentation of the Best Picture nominees, causing Gaga to rush to her rescue!

But Michael Feinstein, one of Liza’s longtime pals, claims the legend was “sabotaged” at the awards. The crooner insists Liza had agreed to appear in a director’s chair, but the shaken star was instead “forced” to use a wheelchair!

Tattles the insider, “Liza doesn’t want anyone’s pity, so that’s why she’s trying to save face.” However, Liza’s rep insists the legend is “quite well” while the source claims “she’s in a bad way. People around her are gravely concerned and fear the end could be near.”