Self-proclaimed mayoral candidate LEVI JOHNSTON stunning confession.

Alaska’s favorite son and the father of Bristol Palin’s son Tripp displayed his witless wisdom on MSNBC series The Last Word as he shared his world views with those viewers still awake.

Not surprisingly host Lawrence O’Donnell asked Levi the very same questions that Katie Couric used on then novice-VP candidate Sarah Palin that resulted in embarrassment for the former Alaska gov back in 2008.

Asked how he kept abreast of breaking news Levi responded, "I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I read a lot of newspapers, I don’t get The New York Times. I don’t watch a whole lot of news. I don’t watch TV that often."

Levi doesn’t believe in abstinence either and that the use of a morning-after pill is a "girl’s decision" and  global warming is "man made".

Queried about the Afghan war, Levi covered himself admirably, "I have no idea."

The former party animal turned politico insists he’ll be ready to answer tougher questions about hunting and fishing rights in the upcoming Wasilla, Alaska 2011 Mayoral election.

Meanwhile, ex-flame Bristol is  Dancing With the Stars as ex-nemesis Sarah tea parties hearty.