LEE MAJORS may have to change his nickname to “The Sixty Thousand Dollar Man”!

That’s how much sources say the 73-year-old ac­tor spent for a drastic plastic surgery makeover before starting his role as Sue Ellen Ewing’s (Linda Gray) former flame on the new “Dallas.”

Dr. Anthony Youn, a prominent plastic surgeon based in Detroit, told The ENQUIRER he believes the actor has likely undergone two nose jobs at about $10,000 apiece.

“I also believe he may have undergone a $15,000 face-lift, resulting in scars in front of his ears and a tight jawline for someone his age,” said Dr. Youn, who has not treated Majors.

“He also appears to have undergone an upper eyelid lift, which costs about $7,000.”

Youn says Majors also may have had an $8,000 neck-lift, chemical or laser peels costing $5,000, and another $5,000 worth of filler injections – or about $60,000 in all!

A source close to Majors said that the actor has been looking to make a showbiz comeback for years.

Majors recently guest starred on “Raising Hope,” “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI: NY,” but he hasn’t been able to rekindle the success he had in the ’70s and ’80s with TV classics “The Six Million Dollar Man” and “The Fall Guy.”

Said the source: “He’s hoping ‘Dallas’ will change his luck. If so, that sixty grand will be money well-spent.”