“Leave it to Beaver” Star Teeters Over Cancer Relapse!

Tony Dow
Tony Dow

Beloved Leave It to Beaver legend Tony Dow’s heartbreaking cancer relapse has pals fearing the TV icon will once again fall prey to crippling depression, tipsters tattle.

“Tony beat cancer before and thought the disease was behind him forever,” an insider spills. “He’s struggling, and his friends are as concerned for his mental health as they are for his physical diagnosis!”

The veteran actor, who played all-American boy 
Wally Cleaver on the classic 1950s sitcom, recently revealed he’s being forced to grapple with the deadly disease again after previously surviving prostate and gallbladder cancer.

Though Tony, 77, didn’t specify his most recent diagnosis, he’s been frank about the mental health battles he endured after his career cooled.

“You know, it’s sad to be famous at 12 years old or something, and then you grow up and become a real person, and nothing’s happening for you,” he recently confessed.

Tony admits depression plagued him for years until intense therapy and medication helped him overcome his troubles.

Now sources worry his demons may return to haunt him.

“Tony rallied and built a nice little career behind the scenes over the years,” the insider confides. “This terrible diagnosis could bring back the darkness he has fought off for years!”