OUTRAGED relatives of actress LEAH REMINI are blasting Scientologist KIRSTIE ALLEY for bullying the “King of Queens” star after she defected from the controversial church!

Former “Cheers” actress Kirstie posted insulting Twitter messages aimed at Leah, sources say, although Kirstie denies that the messages were about Remini. Now Katie Holmes, ex-wife of Scientologist Tom Cruise, has been dragged into the ugly war of words.

“Kirstie Alley is just a big fat bully!” Leah’s former stepmother, Donna Remini-Fiore, fumed to The ENQUIRER. “She’s an idiot to think she could control Leah. Leah has always been her own person, and Kirstie should have known better.

“Besides that, Leah is a wonder­ful person and loyal friend who’s supported everything Kirstie does without hesitation.

“She’s absolutely shocked that Kirstie has turned her back on her like this. It’s disgraceful.”

Katie also previously ganged up on the former Scientolo­gist, according to Leah’s sister Nicole Remini-Wiskow.

In published reports, Nicole claimed Katie and Kirstie targeted Leah – who left Scientology in early July after 30 years – for try­ing to change seats so she could sit with non-Scientolo­gy pal Jennifer Lopez at Katie’s wedding to Cruise in 2006.

A Hollywood publicist re­portedly took exception to Leah’s request and complained that the actress, 43, was causing a scene.

The hoopla allegedly prompted one wedding guest to submit a report to church leaders supporting Leah. But Nicole says Katie and Kirstie threw Leah under the bus by writing to church leaders that she “ruined the wed­ding.”

Nicole has also confirmed reports that church big-wigs came down hard on Leah for in­quiring about the whereabouts of Sci­entology leader David Miscavige’s wife.

A church spokesperson previously characterized Nicole’s claims about the wedding as “absurd.”

Leah was report­edly summoned to Scientology’s spiritual headquarters in Clearwater, Fla., and charged $300,000.

Meanwhile, Kirstie post­ed a cryptic message on Twitter that read: “When faced (with) malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of the person I thought was my friend… Then I say f*** em.”