Today Show star Matt Lauer has admitted his job has taken its toll on his six-year marriage – but it may be too late.

Two weeks ago, The National Enquirer revealed the 47-yearold has been dumped by his wife, Annette Roque, 39. Now, in his first interview since our disclosure, Lauer is critical of valuable time missed with his wife and children Jack, three, and Romy, one. He has no mornings at home because he has to rise at 4 a.m. to be in the studio an hour later.

“I look down the road where I’d like to wake up in the mornings and be with my family,” Lauer said. His evenings are also compromised because he must prepare for the following day’s show.

But Lauer made an attempt at showing the public he’s still fighting to keep his marriage, attending a NYC event with Annette late last month.

Body language expert Mary Dawne Arden examined our photo from the couple’s night out and said: “Matt is used to smiling in the spotlight but this photo shows a visible tension around his eyes and jaw. He makes no eye contact with Annette and has defensively placed his arms behind his back. She has protectively clasped her hands across her stomach, to hide her true feelings from the world.”