Senator Ted Kennedy wanted to die in his own bed and decided to spend his final days at his beloved home in Hyannis Port, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively.

Although Ted has been valiantly battling deadly brain cancer for more than a year, his devastated family members knew that the end was near. The 77-year-old political legend failed to make an appearance outdoors at the Kennedy’s annual Fourth of July clam bake, although he felt comfortable enough to go for a short sail on July 10.

The ENQUIRER learned that Ted suffered a mild seizure in late June and instructed wife Vicki not to take him to the hospital because he "wanted to die in his own bed," a close source divulged.

"He said he wanted to be able to see his sailboat, the Mya, docked outside his window and he wanted his faithful dogs at his feet."

Ted’s son Patrick left a Maryland  rehab center early, rushing to his father’s bedside after learning he was "gaunt and failing" while niece Caroline Kennedy made a secret trip to visit her uncle and the two exchanged an emotion charged goodbye, say sources.

"Ted said goodbye to those closest around him because he knew the time would come when he wouldn’t be able to speak," revealed an insider.

"Teddy told Caroline she’s carried herself with dignity and honor, saying, ‘You’ve been an inspiration to all those around you, including your children.’

"’My days are short now, but life still holds endless possibilities for you. You’ve made your mother and father very proud.’"

Devoted wife Vicki and the rest of the Kennedy clan focused on making Ted as comfortable as possible at his beloved Hyannis Port home.

"The house is filled with so many memories," said the close source
"There are pictures Ted had next to his bed, showing him with his mother Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. And there are photos of him with his brothers from long ago.

"Jack and Bobby look out at him, and Ted knows he’d be meeting them soon."