LATEST! CBS correspondent LARA LOGAN released by Egyptian military after being held incommunicado as other networks,  fearing the worst, recall staffers.

Logan, CBS News’ Chief Foreign Affairs correspondent and her crew members have been released and are now enroute back to the US.

Meanwhile, other TV correspondents have Tweeted their mounting fears from the Middle East hot spot as strong-armed President Mubarak faces down the opposition calling for his immediate resignation after 30 years in power.

Now, major news orgs are re-evaluating the safety of key staffers.

"We are assessing the security situation… on a minute-to-minute basis," ABC News spokesman Jeffrey Schneider said after correspondent Brian Hartman was threatened with beheading. 

Fox News’  Greg Palkot and photog, Olaf Wiig, were also savagely beaten and sent to the hospital.

"After days of nothing happening to anyone, the government sent thugs to attack the messengers," Fox News’s Shepard Smith said.

"It’s getting really, really ugly," CNN’s Wolf Blitzer explained "the situation".

Indeed, a day earlier, both ABC’s Christiane Amanpour and CBS’ Katie Couric each found themselves staring down the threat of death while reporting. 

"Thank u everyone for your concerns!" Couric Tweeted yesterday. "I just landed at JFK..may go back, but for now very happy to be home!"

CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the subject of 2 prior savage attacks, remains in Cairo.