LADY GAGA is accused of ripping off former partner, a poverty stricken Russian teen who committed suicide at 19.

The NY Post reported the startling accusations of a Staten Island mother whose daughter, Lina Morgana, recorded with Pre-Gaga Stefani Germanotta before killing herself.

And now the dead teen’s mom, Yana, is seeking the rights to release the dozen songs her daughter recorded with Gaga.

Yana Morgana also wants Gaga to acknowledge the fact that her dark, poverty stricken background she blurbs in publicity is nothing more than a lie — as Germanotta was actually privileged and went to school with Nicky Hilton.

Producer Rob Fusarii introduced Morgana and Germanotta at his New Jersey studio in 2007 hoping Lina’s singing and Stephanie’s songwriting would generate hits.

They didn’t.

In October 2008, Lina leapt to her death from the roof of a 10-story hotel on Staten Island.

A month later, Germanotta became Lady Gaga, taking the world by storm with her outrageous costuming and a succession of hits.

“Lina had that style,” her mother Yana Morgana said.  “Gaga had a different style. She changed dramatically overnight.”