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Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Twitter Clout

Is the social media empire sucking up to the Kardashian empire?

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Rob Shuter reports… Reality star Kylie Jenner can’t be messed with on Twitter!

A user with the handle “Zimmerman” revealed that things got weird after the account retweeted a naughty item titled “Kylie Jenner Is a Nipple-Freeing Space Queen in New Photo Shoot (NSFW).”

The lady Twitterer added a note to Kylie about showing some class — and then her account got suspended!

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“Isn’t that weird!” Zimmerman said.

“Maybe she marked it as offensive? Twitter said if I deleted it, they’d lift the suspension, so I did!”

But maybe Kylie and Twitter both need to calm down — especially since Kylie herself posted the pic in the first place!