Mike Walker

Kylie Jenner Spends Big On Little Girls

Heads off lemonade health crisis!

kylie jenner lemonade stand
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Driving near her luxury Calabasas home, Kool Kylie Jenner passed out $100 bills to some teen boys selling cups of lemonade — and the guys went NUTS!

But later that afternoon, her warm heart reached out again and touched four teeny girls — aged 8 to 9 — manning a makeshift lemonade stand in scorching 100-degree sun!

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Kylie instantly pulled over — not to buy a glass, but to tell each lass: “Go home … NOW!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Kylie was SO worried about those little girls in that sweltering heat, she climbed out of her car waving money and declared: ‘I’ve got $100 for each of you — if you’ll, like, pack up now and, like, GO HOME! — but you have to PROMISE!

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“‘It’s, like, way too hot, girls! It’s, like, dangerous! You could get … like, heat stroke!’

So the girls giggled, ‘Thank you!’ …and, like, SPLIT!”