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Kris Jenner Thrown Out By Billionaire Daughter Kylie

Kardashian matriarch told to find her own office space.

Straight Faced Kylie Jenner Wearing White Beaded Dress, Inset Closeup Of Kris Jenner
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The reality TV momager, 63, is battling her billionaire daughter over their office space in Calabasas, Calif.

The duo sniped at each other on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” with Kris charging the 22-year-old had gotten too “territorial” over her plush Kylie Cosmetics complex and shoved her into a small corner!

Sources said Kris has been forced to fork over thousands to book private conference rooms at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in Beverly Hills after Kylie kicked her out.

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“Kris is often holed up at the Waldorf with business associates because she’s not allowed to use Kylie’s office space for large meetings,” an insider spilled.

“She marches up and down the hotel corridors with her entourage chatting and making deals!”

The petty pair are even fighting over parking spots, dished the mole, adding, “Kylie was getting annoyed because Kris was parking in her reserved spot and acting like she owned the place, so she kicked her out of there, too!”

Kris and Kylie Jenner did not respond to The National Enquirer’s requests for comment.