Kris Jenner Offers Rob $1 Million Bribe

Rob rehab bribe square

How much is a son’s life worth?

For Kris Jenner, the sum appears to be roughly $1 million.

That’s how much she has offered troubled son Rob to enter rehab and start caring for himself properly.

Despite being recently hospitalized for reported blood-sugar problems, the reality star, 28, still drinks sugar-loaded Red Bulls and chows down on junk food.

Of course, there’s a motive behind Kris’ generosity: She wants to share Rob’s health struggles with the world via “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

“Kris looks at Rob’s health crisis as a potential storyline for the show,” an insider told exclusively. “She wants him to let cameras inside of his struggle because she believes that his downward spiral would make for great ratings!”

After all, what’s a few dollars when there’s publicity to be had?

Check out Radar for all the gory details.