Real Drama!

Kris Convinced Boy Toy Corey Is Bedding Kourtney!

Momager sets up spy camera to catch a Kardashian!

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Jealous tyrant Kris Jenner thinks daughter Kourtney Kardashian is hitting the sheets with HER boyfriend — and she’s trying to catch her in the act!

Kris is determined to trap boytoy Corey Gamble by sneaking hidden cameras into Kourtney’s bedroom!

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“Kris has had her own suspicions about Corey and Kourtney for a long time,” whispered a spy. “She doesn’t like the way they look at each other!”

Kourtney is currently flying solo after kicking Scott Disick to the curb.

The 60-year-old green-eyed momager has noticed how Corey, 35, is always trying to do Kourtney favors, although he said he just feels sorry for her.

“But Kris suspects something else could be going on,” said the source. “She had a security agency put hidden cameras in Kourtney’s bedroom and hired a private investigator to have Corey followed.”

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Even if no hard evidence is uncovered, insiders believe Kris feels like Corey may be cheating on her emotionally with her daughter, 37.

“Corey tries to keep Kris happy and satisfied … but he also finds Kourtney extremely attractive,” dished the snitch. “But Kourtney is too smart to get caught by Kris!”