$400k Kollection!

Kourtney Kardashian Out To Cash In With Kinky Boots

Thigh's the limit for latest big idea!

kourtney kardashian shoes boots business

Kourtney Kardashian is finally investing in something other than her brood — a massive collection of sexy thigh-high boots!

“Kourtney has well over 350 pairs of boots, and at least 50 of them are thigh-high,” a mole dished.

“All are designer, so you’re looking at a boot collection worth nearly $400K!”

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Most of the boots given to the 38-year-old were free — and, luckily for her sisters, they’re welcome to borrow them anytime they please when they feel like struttin’ their stuff.

“If they start to look worn, Kourtney will just get another pair or two,” the tipster revealed — adding: “She loves the over-the-knee boots the best. They make her legs look long!”