Los Angeles Lakers KOBE BRYANT’s estranged wife, Vanessa, almost filed for divorce from the NBA basketball star four years ago.

 RadarOnline.com reported that Vanessa had filed for divorce from Kobe Bryant, her hubby of 10 1/2 years, on Friday.

There is no pre-nup.

Yet, Vanessa almost filed for divorce from the Lakers star, four years ago, because she was so disgusted with his blatant cheating.

"Vanessa almost threw in the towel four years ago. Kobe has always had a slew of girlfriends, and the cheating was almost blatant,” a source close to the couple said.

“Vanessa had consulted with a divorce attorney, not Laura Wasser, who she has hired to represent her now.

"Kobe promised Vanessa he would stop cheating, and the two went to marriage counseling.

“Kobe did seem like a devoted husband, and Vanessa decided not to go through with filing at that time."