Yo-yo dieter KIRSTIE ALLEY seems powerless to stop runaway food bingeing as she crams tons of chow into gaping maw.

Like a human zeppelin, Kirstie Alley has crossed the dreaded 215- pound mark!

The former “Cheers” star hit the unwanted mile­stone after eating nonstop for months and gobbling down a high-fat feast on her 62nd birthday in mid-January, say sources.

Now she’s fighting an ugly case of the “cankles” – with her calves and ankles blending into one bloated body part!

“Kirstie was sticking to her Organic Liaison weight-loss regimen, but she’s been on an eating binge since last Novem­ber,” revealed a source.

“As part of her New Year’s resolutions, she vowed to clean up her act, but she blew her diet com­pletely while celebrating her birthday on Jan. 12.

“She now weighs 215 pounds, and it shows, especially in her legs. It would be a good idea for Kirstie to give up the leggings and switch to less clingy, more appropriate pants.”

The former “Fat Actress” star, whose sitcom “Kirstie’s New Show” was just picked up by TVLand, ap­parently indulged in an eat-fest in her hometown of Wichita, Kan., on her birthday this year.

“Kirstie cooked a high-fat feast for a bunch of friends,” said the source.

“She scarfed down a bowl of fried tortilla chips and guacamole and five high-calorie organic beef tacos. When someone pointed out that the Mexi­can treats weren’t exactly low fat, Kirstie responded it was all organic. She figures that since she only buys organic products, it’s healthy. But nothing is healthy when you eat several heaping helpings of it!”

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