Kim’s Cage Match With Kooky Kanye

Kim Kardashian Wore a Brown Leather Dress for WSJ Awards in New York City on Nov 01, 2021

Disgusted Kim Kardashian is so fed up with kooky Kanye West’s antics she’s determined to drive her estranged hubby over the edge and into a psych ward for much needed treatment, tipsters tell The National ENQUIRER.

Outraged by Kanye’s childish bid to make her jealous by flaunting his showmance with hottie Julia Fox, the reality TV queen, 40, “figures something drastic has to change if Kanye’s going to get the reset he needs,” according to an insider.

But bipolar busybody Kanye’s nutty behavior is also wreaking havoc on Kim’s blossoming relationship with scrawny Saturday Night Live bad boy Pete Davidson, 28, spies tattle.

“She’s tired of walking on eggshells,” says an insider.  “All Kanye’s doing right now is self-destructing in public. Everyone in his world — and hers — is placing bets on when he’ll unravel and totally implode with some major self-destructive breakdown.”

The bonkers billionaire, who was hit with divorce papers in February 2021 after six years of marriage and four kids, is currently under investigation for battery after claims he punched an autograph-seeking fan on Jan. 13 while leaving an L.A. club. After the incident, Kanye insisted the fan “just had this real attitude” and provoked things.

“Kim is horrified. To her, it’s proof he’s in a very bad place. She’s taking it as one more sign Kanye needs serious help. As much as she wants to save him, she just can’t sacrifice any more of her life for him — she’s done,” spills a source.

As The ENQUIRER has reported, sources claim Kanye is trying to claw his way back into Kim’s life by tossing cash at her — and even bought a home within spitting distance of her Hidden Hills crib.

The jealous jerk also recently rapped, “God saved me from that crash / just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass” in “My Life Was Never Eazy,” his new collaboration with The Game!

“Kanye is refusing to accept their marriage is over. When he bought the house across from hers — without even consulting her — she snapped. It’s just so creepy. All she wants is for him to let her go,” dishes the insider.

“Kim figures tough love is the only thing that’s going to work here, so she’s flaunting her romance with Pete with the full intention of pushing Kanye’s buttons. She just wants to show him loud and clear that she’s never coming back. He needs help — and if she can push him into getting it, then all the better,” the source adds.