Too Real!

Kim Kardashian’s Summer Of Suffering Over Her Big Butt

Secret to her success has her on a hot seat!

kim kardashian big butt scandals

Kim Kardashian had a tough summer — and it’s all because of her monster butt!

Insiders, however, say it’s not because Kim’s stuck hauling around a lot of excess weight.

Instead, the problem is reportedly that the daring reality star’s fat injections now make her caboose too hot to sit on during the broiling summer months.

“The hotter it gets,” said a source, “the more Kim finds her booty aching, but she can hardly pull to the side of the road or jump into a cool bath when she’s working.”

But pals also insist that Kim isn’t ready to give up her biggest ass-et.

“She loves her lush tush,” said the insider. “She just doesn’t like sitting on a hot seat in 100-degree weather!”