Kim Wants Breast Reduction – For Saggy Kanye!

Sources say Kardashian tired of hubby’s man boobs.

Kanye West Wearing White T-Shirt, Kim Kardashia Wearing Black Cut Out Gown
Coleman-Rayner; Shutterstock

Chunky rapper Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian are battling over his man boobs, sources snitched.

“She works hard on her body, so it drives her crazy that Kanye’s doing nothing about his ‘moobs’! ” an insider dished.

“They’re so noticeable when he wears a T-shirt that he’s now wearing Spanx bodysuits to keep them from jiggling!”

Sources reported the image-obsessed reality star is so fixated on Kanye’s figure she wants him to have breast-reduction surgery!

Crappily Married Kim & Kanye Get Help

“He doesn’t want to go under the knife. But even he has to admit they’re getting too heavy!” the source said.

“She’s insisting they get ‘his and her’ boob jobs — but that freaks him out!”

Kanye has hired a trainer to help him tone up, but insiders said his busted body is just too far gone!

“Without surgery, the moobs won’t move!” the source said. “But Kim wants the problem off their chest as soon as possible!”