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Keeping Up In The Bedroom — Kim & Kanye Bring In A Sex Coach!

Hollywood’s hottest couple has flamed out!

kim kanye sex life coach

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have lost their spark, and the pair have hired a sex coach to turn up the heat, according to insiders.

“Kim’s libido really took a hit after Saint was born, and since then it’s gotten worse,” said a Kardashian insider.

“But it’s not all her. Kanye’s sex drive was put in park after his breakdown!”

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Lackluster loving is only one problem on a long list of issues jeopardizing the combative reality star and ranting rapper’s marriage.

Kim is under pressure to make this union last, because she doesn’t want to be known as a marriage killer — so she’s reluctantly agreed to the sensual sessions.

Added the insider: “They know they need all the help they can get to avoid a permanent climax in their relationship!”