Kim Kardashian Connects With Dead Dad Robert Using Psychic!

Kim k connects with dead dad robert using psychic ne short

Kim Kardashian misses her deceased father, Robert Kardashian, so much she’s now regularly going to a channeler who claims to bring him through from the spirit realm!

The 34-year-old pregnant star said this is giving her closure, but some family members think she’s being duped.

But for the sake of Kim’s well-being, her sisters and mother, Kris, are going with the flow, friends said.

“Kim is a new person since her trip to Armenia and connecting with her roots,” said a pal. “She felt a spiritual connection to the Armenian people and particularly to her family ancestry. She got in touch with a channeler and wants to revisit the family tree through the psychic to keep in touch with her father, Bob, and receive his guidance.”

Kanye West’s wife has told friends she believes she was born a princess and her father was a king in another life.

In real life, Robert was a top attorney who represented O.J. Simpson.

“Kim’s mother and sisters aren’t happy about her new hobby,” said the friend. “But they want Kim to have a peaceful pregnancy.”

Kim and Kanye are expecting baby No. 2 in December.

“I know that if my dad were here he’d be so happy about our family,” Kim told a friend. “He’d be a great grandfather and he would play with his grandchildren. I’d ask the psychic about what my dad thinks of our lives and if he’s proud of all of us.

“I know in my heart that he would support the Armenian people, and he would support my family. But I want to know the truth.”