Take It Off!

Kiefer Sutherland Turns Stripper During Karaoke

Hand him a mic, wait for the clothes!

kiefer sutherland drunk karaoke stripping
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Musician and former “24” star Kiefer Sutherland — who has long battled the bottle and has a string of DUI arrests to show for it — reveals his boozy go-to for karaoke nights.

“If I’m drunk enough, I’ll do a song by America called “Sister Golden Hair,” the star told an interviewer.

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“You have to be drunk to start, so I’d expect that my performances of it are not great.

“I’m lucky if I keep my clothes on through to the end.”

Of course, Kiefer‘s always enjoyed the nightlife, as evidence by a report in The National ENQUIRER of a night in 2012 at the private West Hollywood club Petit Ermitage, where the “Touch” to a little too touchy with fellow patrons.

It did not end well. But a good thing, in retrospect, that it wasn’t karaoke night!