Butt Seriously!

Khloé Kardashian: $5 Million Price Tag On New Face & Curves

Reality star took easy way out to look great!

khloe kardashian revenge body surgery

Khloé Kardashian claimed she earned her new “revenge body” solely with grueling workouts — but snitches attributed as much as half of her $5 million makeover to a doctor’s scalpel!

The reality TV star “has spent unfathomable amounts of money to get her new look — and lots of that went to surgery!

“Khloé looks nothing like she used to! She’s had liposuction, face-lifts, nose jobs, fillers and brow, neck and jaw lifts — the works,” tattled a blabbermouth to The National ENQUIRER. “Factor in the $250,000 a year she pays trainer Gunnar Peterson, plus the additional trainers and classes she goes to, Khloé has easily spent well over $5 million on her transformation!”

Khloé Kardashian’s Bared Butt Rides The Waves

33-year-old Khloé has sworn off cosmetic procedures for now — squealed the source — but she plans to stick with routine workouts to maintain her figure.

“She can rest easy knowing she’s no longer known as the family’s ugly duckling,” added the snitch.

“Even better, Khloé’s now the hottest Kardashian — which is priceless.”