Khloé Kardashian Loses By a Nose!

Khloe Kardashian
Ryan K Rolo/Shutterstock

Khloé Kardashian’s repeated tampering with her nose has triggered fears her over-fixed schnoz is in danger of collapsing like the late Michael Jackson’s, spies tattle!

Sources snitch the 37-year-old reality queen has already done significant bone damage to her slimmed-down snout — but that hasn’t stopped her from pushing for more procedures!

“There’s only so many nose jobs she can have before it caves in,” says a source. “It’s the big elephant in the room when she starts talking about getting more work because no one wants to say the wrong thing and upset her.”

“The fact is she needs to leave her nose alone.”

L.A.–based plastic surgeon Dr. Stephen P. Grifka, who hasn’t treated Kim Kardashian’s sister, says, “Khloé started out as a very beautiful woman and I don’t want to take anything away from that.”

Still, he believes the reality star’s had “at least two nose jobs. It appears she’s had a bump removed and it does look like her nose is narrower, too.”

While “there’s no limit to the number of surgeries you can do,” continued fixes can be “difficult because there’s scar tissue under your skin,” says the doc, who warns there’s “always a risk” to more operations and “there’s got to be a big benefit to take on the risk.”

The insider insists the root of Khloé’s problem isn’t actually her nose — the issue goes back to her childhood.

“She used to get called an ugly duckling. People would comment on everything about her, including her nose,” says the source.

“Even her own family would tell her she needed a nose job.”

The negativity about her looks “had a huge impact on her self-esteem and what she sees when she looks in the mirror.”

“No matter how many things she gets done she always finds more flaws, more ways to improve. It’s just sad.”