KHLOE KARDASHIAN gets the old heave-ho from “The X-Factor” – report.

Sometimes reality really does bite.

According to The New York Post KK has been sent packing as co-host of the floundering “X-Factor” while the show "retained Mario Lopez to come back, but not (her).”

As The ENQUIRER previously reported Ka-TRASH-ians are under attack – not only from Cosby mom PHYLICIA RASHAD —  but O.J. Simpson’s daughter Sydney as well!

While last October, Khloe, 28, was named with much fanfare as a co-host to The X Factor, along with Lopez, as a desperate creator/judge Simon Cowell worked to revamp and revitalize the fledging talent competition show.

Khloe came to the table with zilch experience as a host, and from the get-go, she appeared nervous and ill at ease, forcing Lopez to shoulder more and more of the hosting duties, as the show progressed.

Kardashian’s exit comes on the heels of bespectacled L.A. Reid and popped tart Britney Spears leaving the show, which continues to struggle to find a wider audience in a very crowded field of celeb judge/ amateur hours ‘reality” competitions, noted.