Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp & Chris Noth Grab Career Lifeboat

Spain San Sebastian Film Festival Johnny Depp - 22 Sep 2021

Three stars whose careers were derailed by abuse and sexual misconduct scandals are staging incredible comebacks!

Despite never facing criminal charges, Kevin Spacey, Johnny Depp and Chris Noth all saw their reputations torn to shreds as the #MeToo movement swept through Hollywood.

Spacey, 62, weathered sex allegations from more than 20 men and was recently cast in the Italian movie The Man Who Drew God, his first film role in five years.

Although several lawsuits against Spacey have been dismissed, he was ordered to pay $31 million to the studio that made House of Cards. The Netflix series ended after Spacey was accused of sexual harassment on the set. He also remains under investigation by London police — but insists he’s done nothing wrong.

Depp, 58, lost his Disney pirates franchise after ex-wife Amber Heard branded him a drunken wife-beater. But Johnny, who insists he was the battered spouse, is now in production for the TV miniseries Puffins. He’s also slated to play King Louis XV in a French film.

Late last year, former Sex and the City star Noth, 67, was hit with sexual assault allegations, which he denied. He lost roles in the series …And Just Like That and The Equalizer and was dumped by his talent agency. But he recently signed on for the movie Brooklyn All American.