History Channels new docudrama The Kennedys to parallel The Godfather in tawdry tale of familial anguish and betrayal.

No surprise then that the exec producer of the 8 hour mini-series is noted conservative, 24 co-creator, producer Joel Surnow, a long time pal of Rush Limbaugh.

According to sources, the series will revolve around brothers John and Robert with flashbacks to their early days and their relationship with their father Joseph.

The story arc is akin  to The Godfather saga: a manipulative, egomaniacal father determined to live out his own ambitions through his sons.

As his sons try to build their own lives they’ll dance to the machinations of their puppet master father.

No word yet whether or not The Kennedys will delve into father Joe’s bootlegging past as a rum runner or his adulterous Hollywood liaisons with silent screen temptress Gloria Swanson.
The big political events of the 1960s – The Bay of Pigs, civil rights movement, Cuban Missile Crisis and the ever present fear of nuclear war "will play…as background to the personal stories of the relationships between brother and brother and father and son," Surnow revealed.