CAROLINE KENNEDY is so ticked off at the OBAMAs she coldly snubbed them during the family’s recent vacation to Martha’s Vineyard, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

After working hard to elect President Obama, Caroline was widely expected to host the first family at her sprawling Red Gate Farm on the island, as the Kennedys did the Clintons when they were in the White House.

Instead, when the Obamas recently relaxed on Martha’s Vineyard, they ended up renting the same place as last year, Blue Heron Farm in the town of Chilmark.

Caroline’s blatant cold-shoulder treatment is evidence of the bad blood that has developed between the former close friends, say Kennedy family insiders.

Caroline, 52, is still bitter over the fact that President Obama has refused to make her part of his inner circle of advisers or to give her a plum appointment in his administration, maintained the friend.

"She feels that he just hasn’t been appreciative enough, especially after she and her family’s endorsement was key in helping him win the Democratic nomination over Hillary Clinton.

"It was a real personal sacrifice. In so doing, she wrecked her relationship with the Clintons, who up till then had been close with the Kennedys."

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